The 5th PolyU Mechanical Engineering Research Presentation Competition was successfully held at the Lecture Theatre in the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, PolyU, on 28 May 2019.  It is an annual event for research students to display their research project results and share knowledge with the PolyU community.

This year, we emphasized on academic pitching skills, with an aim to train research students to explain academic ideas to peers and non-experts clearly.  Twenty-four research student participants each delivered a high-impact brief in a 3-minute presentation. With their professional and animated presentations, those Fouling Species, Bidimensional Talbot Self-imaging, Linear Deformable Objects, Acoustically Actuated Artificial Micro-swimmer were no longer distant to the layman.

After the oral presentations, participants interacted with the audience in the research posters exhibition. Displayed posters not only highlighted their research project results, but it was also an occasion for participants to convey their ideas, communicate with viewers and professionals, and let their talents be known.

Congratulations to their fabulous presentations and excellent research work!

Student: Miss LIN Dongmei
Supervisor: Prof. Zhou Limin
Title: Rate-Independent and Ultrastable Low-Temperature Sodium Storage in Dual-Phase TiO2 Nanowires

1st Runner-Up
Student: Miss GAO He
Supervisor: Dr Zhu Jie
Title: Bidimensional Talbot Self-imaging With Coding Metamaterials

2nd Runner-Up
Student: Mr FAN E
Supervisor: Prof. Wen Chih-Yung
Title: Effects of Combustion on Shock Bubble Interaction

Student: Miss MA Wanyu
Supervisor: Dr David Navarro-Alarcon
Title: Shape Control of Linear Deformable Objects Based on RGB-D Sensing and Model Estimation

Student: Miss WANG Jingwei
Supervisor: Prof. Chen Guohua
Title: Flexible Supercapacitor With a Na-ion Conducting Gel Polymer Membrane as Electrolyte and Separator

Student: Miss ZHOU Bingchen
Supervisor: Dr Jiao Zengbao
Title: Design of Advanced High-Strength Steels Strengthened by Nanoscale Co-precipitates

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