Fever to PolyU Mechanical Engineering! In a hot afternoon on 30 May 2018, 22 research students displayed their posters and delivered their insights to us. Academic supervisors were there to give advice, classmates and friends came to learn together.

With an objective to provide the Research Postgraduate and Research MSc students of the Department a good opportunity to share their research project results and knowledge with their peers and the PolyU community, the Department has organized the Research Poster Competition on campus.

This year, a total of 22 posters covering a wide range of topics were displayed. The posters reflected the participants’ research findings as well as their new and innovative ideas for successful approaches and the potential contribution to the advancement of Mechanical Engineering.

During the competition, participants delivered a brief presentation of their research projects to win a vote from attendees including faculty members of the Department, research and MSc students, as well as peers and visitors on campus. Nearly 300 votes were cast and 6 outstanding posters were selected. The Champion, Runner-up and Excellent Poster Awardees won cash prizes of HK$2,000, HK$1,000 and HK$500 respectively.

Congratulations to their wonderful presentations and excellent research work!

Student: Miss DUONGTHIPTHEWA Anchalee
Supervisor: Prof. L.M. Zhou
Title: Enhanced multi-functional properties of composites using conductive prepreg for lightning strike protection

Student: Miss GAO Yang
Supervisor: Dr H.M. Yao
Title: Spiral interface: A reinforcing mechanism for laminated composite materials learned from nature

Excellent Poster Award
Student: Mr FAN Lei
Supervisor: Dr Z.B. Jiao
Title: Nanoscale precipitation and mechanical properties of particle-strengthened high-entropy alloys

Student: Mr LIAO Yaozhong
Supervisor: Prof. Z.Q. Su
Title: Ultrafast response of spay-on nanocomposite piezoresistive sensing network coating

Student: Mr TIAN Xudong
Supervisor: Prof. C.Y. Wen
Title: Supersonic/Hypersonic boundary layer control using porous coatings

Student: Miss ZHOU Quan
Supervisor: Prof. C.S. Cheung
Title: Effect of fuel composition on laminar flame speed of H2/CO/CH4 biomass-derived syngas

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