In the 2018/2019 results of grants from the Research Grants Council’s General Research Fund (GRF) announced in June 2018, ME’s success rate for the GRF was 33% in 2018/19 exercise. Seven of our GRF proposals were funded and listed below:

Principal Investigator Project Title
Dr AN Liang Understanding charge transport phenomena in photoelectrochemical storage cells for solar energy storage
Prof. CHENG Li Thermo-Acoustic Oscillations: Mechanism Exploration and Control Based on Delay Differential Equation Theories Under a Fully- coupled Modelling Framework
Dr TANG Hui Study of magnetic hyperthermia based cancer treatment using a holistic simulation framework
Prof. WEN Chih-yung Investigation and Optimization of Porous Coatings on the Stabilization of Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Flows
Dr ZHENG Guangping Frenkel-Kontorova model based simulation on the deformation mechanisms in nanostructured high-entropy alloys
Prof. ZHOU Li Min Size- and temperature-dependent phase transition in NASICON-type material on Li+- and Na+‐(de)intercalation
Dr ZHU Jie Investigation on broadband transition delay and stability control of hypersonic turbulent boundary layer via gradient-index acoustic metasurface