BEng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering Programme aims to cultivate professional mechanical engineers who are able to apply cutting-edge technologies to solve multi-disciplinary engineering problems for various engineering / business sectors.

After being endowed with a broad and solid foundation including physics, mathematics, computing, engineering sciences, design and manufacture, our students are able to apply knowledge and skills in a wide spectrum of industries.

Aerospace Engineering 航宇工程

  • Keep abreast of state-of-the-art science and technology in aviation and aeronautical engineering
  • Become qualified engineers and researchers in aviation and aeronautical industry to cope with future challenges
  • Have industrial hands-on trainings in aircraft maintenance and management

Robotics and Autonomous Systems 機器人與自動化系統

  • Deploy cutting-edge technology in robotics and artificial intelligence to support the industry
  • Apply theories and software to aid the design and analysis of different mechanical systems
  • Provide solutions to the automation of various engineering tasks and operations

Environmental and Energy Engineering 環境與能源工程

  • Get well prepared to develop careers in environmental and energy related industries
  • Apply innovative technologies to combat air/noise pollution
  • Develop renewable energy for reducing environmental and health problems

Mechanics and Materials 力學與材料科技

  • Apply theoretical and computational analysis to predict the mechanical behaviors of materials
  • Identify the cause of failure of structural materials in engineering and propose remedial solutions
  • Provide solutions to material design and structural optimization in engineering

To satisfy the great student and community demands, we aim to educate professional mechanical engineers who can apply updated technologies to solve and manage multi-disciplinary engineering problems for various engineering/business sectors. Upon completion of the study, our mechanical engineering graduates are expected to possess excellent employment prospects in most industries/businesses to start their careers as mechanical engineer, service engineer, consultant engineer, design engineer or project engineer. Therefore, students graduated from the programme should be able to:

  • apply scientific principles in performing engineering analysis and design to solve challenging problems that are typical in mechanical engineering;
  • use computers as tools to solve engineering problems;
  • develop the ability to formulate technical problems mathematically and analyze engineering systems;
  • possess the ability to properly select the most suitable materials and methods that are safe, environmentally and aesthetically acceptable, and economically competitive for systems/products and their design and manufacturing;
  • build up the skills needed to think innovatively and creatively;
  • communicate effectively both in oral and written forms; and
  • appreciate the ethical and societal responsibilities of engineers, the importance of lifelong learning, concepts of continuous quality improvement and continued effect of the globalization of design, manufacturing and marketing of technical goods and services.

After providing our students successfully with a broad and solid knowledge foundation including physics, mathematics, computing, engineering sciences, design and manufacture, they are then educated and trained to apply these knowledge and skills to various areas in Mechanical Engineering including Aerospace Engineering, Design and Automation, Environmental and Energy Engineering.

Thus, the BEngME programme provides our students with specific and extensive knowledge in these disciplines via the above three specialism streams at final stage of the programme.

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The programme has been granted provisional accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) in relevant disciplines.

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To maintain the competitiveness of students, the Department has been encouraging its students to actively participate in a wide range of local and international activities and competitions in order to showcase their talents and creativity as well as to build up their skills and confidence.

Over the years, ME students shined in many international and national competitions and awards. Their accomplishments offer concrete proof that the Department has succeeded in nurturing students who not only excel in academic areas, but also demonstrate great leadership and problem-solving skills.

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Because of their broad and solid knowledge in engineering and sciences, and their ability in applying the knowledge and skills to tackle complicated multi-disciplinary engineering problems, our graduates are able to start their careers as, but not limited to, mechanical engineer, manufacturing and process engineer, service engineer, consultant engineer or project engineer. The graduates can find excellent employment opportunities in a diversity of industrial sectors such as general mechanical engineering, aviation and aeronautical engineering, public utility companies, building services sectors, engineering consultancy firms, construction industry, environmental, electronic and manufacturing industries, information technology sector, government departments and educational institutions.

Our graduates are employable over a wide range of engineering companies in Hong Kong. In the last two years, over 100 companies employed our graduates, some of them employed our graduates every year over the last few years.


AECOM Asia Co. Ltd.

American International Assurance Co. (Bermuda) Ltd.

Analogue Group of Companies (ATAL Engineering Ltd.)

Apex Curtain Wall & Engineering Co. Ltd.


ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.

Atkins China Ltd.

Aurecon Hong Kong Ltd.

Biwater Man Lee Ltd.

Blue Ocean Innovation (HK) Ltd.

Bright Future Pharmaceutical Laboratories Ltd.

BYME EnQineerinQ (HK) Ltd.

Cheung Kee Fung Cheung Construction Co. Ltd.

Chevalier (Construction) Co. Ltd.

Chevalier (Envirotech) Ltd.

Chevalier International Holdings Ltd.

Chun Wo Construction and Engineering Co. Ltd.

Chun Wo Development Holdings Ltd.

CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd.

Commtech (Asia) Ltd.

Crown Motors Ltd.

Daikin Airconditioning (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, The Government of the HKSAR

Far East Consulting Ltd.

Fungs E & M Engineering Co. Ltd.

Gammon Construction Ltd.

Hang Foong M & E Consultant Co. Ltd.

Henley Engineering Ltd.

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd.

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co Ltd. (HAECO)

Hong Kong Design Centre

Hong Kong Innovation Services Ltd.

Hong Kong Productivity Council

Hong Kong RFID Ltd.

Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd.

Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd.

ISPL Consulting Ltd.

Johnson Controls Hong Kong Ltd.

Kai Shing Management Services Ltd.

KONE Elevator (HK) Ltd.

Lanco Asia Ltd.

Liebherr (HKG) Ltd.

Majestic Engineering Co. Ltd.

Meinhardt Consulting Engineers

Nam Wah Intelligent Automation Ltd.

Nestle Hong Kong Ltd.

Newland Engineering Ltd.

NWS Transport Services Ltd.

Otis Elevator Co (H.K.) Ltd.

Otto Bock Asia Pacific Ltd.

Process Automation International Ltd.

REC Engineering Co. Ltd.

Shan On Engineering Co. Ltd.

Shinryo (Hong Kong) Ltd

Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co. Ltd.

Sigma Elevator (HK) Ltd.

Silverback Airsoft Ltd.

SilverTech E & M Engineering Co. Ltd.

Sime Darby Motor Services Ltd.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Hongkong Electric Co. Ltd.

The Jardine Engineering Corporation Ltd.

Tontec International Ltd.

Urban Property Management Ltd.

VPower Holdings Ltd.

Wilson Acoustics Ltd.

WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff (Asia) Ltd.

Yat Tong Engineering Ltd.

PolyU recognizes the academic and/or non-academic achievements of our students through offering different types of scholarships to our students. Detailed information can be found from the website of PolyU Centre STARS (Student Advancement & Resources).

In recent years, outstanding students of Department of Mechanical Engineering are successfully in competing for scholarships.  Below is a list of scholarships that awarded to ME students in recent years.

A&P Scholarship
Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur WIE Scholarship
Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation Scholarship
Chiang Chen Overseas Exchange Scholarship
CLP Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
Cobelco Industrial Supplies Ltd. Scholarship
Department of Mechanical Engineering Scholarship for Hall Residents
Dr. Ng Tat-lun Memorial Scholarship
Education Scholarships Fund – Lions Club of North Kowloon Scholarship
Fuji Xerox [Hong Kong] Limited Scholarship
Fung Scholarship
Gigi AU-YEUNG Chi Ting Scholarship
HASEL Scholarship
HKCC Scholarship for PolyU Articulation
HKSAR Government Scholarship
HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Reaching Out Award
HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Talent Development Scholarship
HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund – Targeted Scholarship
Hong Kong Plastic Manufacturers Association Scholarship
Lam Sze Ming Scholarship
Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Scholarship
Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) Limited Scholarship
Postgraduate Scheme in Engineering Type I Scholarship
REC Engineering Company Limited Scholarship
Simatelex Charitable Foundation Scholarship
The Hong Kong & Kowloon Engineering Employers Association Limited Scholarship
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Entry Scholarship (Academic)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Scholarship
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – APEC Entry Scholarship
The Hongkong Electric Company Limited Scholarship
Wong Tit-shing Student Exchange Scholarship
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