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All PhD applicants for ME Research Studentship must also apply for the HK PhD Fellowship Scheme.

Application Deadline: 2 Dec 2019


As one of the founding departments of the University in 1937, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been at the forefront of the vast evolvement of its field.

The Department is proud of its international focus and active collaborations with overseas institutions.  Its global connections open the minds and broaden the perspectives of the future generations to uncover knowledge that benefits mankind.  The Department’s world-class faculty and internationally renowned programmes draw students from across the globe. The Department has also published numerous research reports in top-class international publications.

The Department has achieved promising results in International University Rankings by discipline in recent years, based on its academic reputation, employer reputation and research impact.

International Rankings

Research Areas

Supervisor Specialization
Prof. GH CHEN Electrode materials R&D; Materials green production; Chemical vapor deposition
Prof. MW FU Advanced materials processing; Computational materials science; Damage and fracture of materials; Finite element modelling and simulation; Micro-mechanics of materials
Dr ZB JIAO Advanced structural materials; High-temperature and high-strength alloys; Nanostructured and nanocrystalline alloys; Material processing and mechanical behavior; 3D Atom probe tomography characterization
Prof. Wallace WF LEUNG Nanofibers for tissue engineering; Semiconductor nanofibers with superb charge conductivity
Dr HH RUAN Non-equilibrium materials engineering; Amorphous materials and nanomaterials; Dynamic behavior of materials; Theory of non-equilibrium phase transformation; Constitutive modeling of advanced materials
Prof. SQ SHI Advanced materials development; Computational materials design & modeling; Nanomaterials and nanotechnology; Environmental degradation of materials
Dr HM YAO Bio-inspired mechanics & materials; Contact mechanics; Fracture mechanics; Multiscale mechanical characterizations; Computational material science
Dr GP ZHENG Computational materials science; Atomistic modeling and simulation; Amorphous alloys; Nanostructured materials; Two-dimensional materials
Prof. LM ZHOU Advanced composite materials; Nano material and nanotechnology; High performance thermoplastic composites; Electrospinning; Smart materials and structures
Dr J ZHU Structured materials; Material characterizations
Supervisor Specialization
Prof. L CHENG Acoustics: sound propagation, noise control, passive and active control; Vibration: modelling, control and vibration reduction of structures. Structural wave manipulations; Structural health monitoring: vibration and wave-based damage detection methods; Smart structures with embedding sensor technology; Fluid-structure-sound interaction
Dr YS CHOY Structural health diagnosis by non-contact method; Turbine blade-tip clearance assessment; Engine noise and vibration measurement; Airport noise assessment; Engine noise control
Dr XJ JING Vibration based fault detection; Structure health monitoring; Micro-vibration/vibration control
Prof. Wallace WF LEUNG Engine cooling
Dr Randolph CK LEUNG Aeroacoustics and aircraft noise; Aeronautical flow-induced noise and vibration; Computational aeroacoustics and CFD; Active flow noise control; Aeroacoustics source identification
Dr Y LIU Turbulence modeling; Fluid-structure interaction; Dissipative particle dynamics; CFD
Prof. ZQ SU Structural health monitoring (SHM); Non-destructive evaluation (NDE); Smart materials and structures; Advanced composite materials; Sensor and sensor network
Dr H TANG Aerodynamics; Active flow control
Prof. CY WEN Aerothermodynamics and boundary layer transition of hypersonic / supersonic vehicles; Shock / droplet and shock / bubble interactions; Detonation; UAV/MAV technology research and development; Experimental fluid mechanics and CFD
Dr P ZHANG Rarefied gasdynamics; Supersonic combustion and detonation
Prof. LM ZHOU Aircraft composites; Lightening damage protection; Failure analysis of aircraft structures; Structural health monitoring
Supervisor Specialization
Dr L AN Fuel cells; Batteries; Advanced energy materials
Prof. GH CHEN Lithium ion batteries; Lithium sulfur battery; Electrochemical energy conversion
Prof. Wallace WF LEUNG Dye sensitized solar cells; Perovskite solar cells
Prof. SQ SHI Nuclear materials; Hydrogen storage
Dr H TANG Wind / marine energy extraction
Dr HM YAO Mechanical behavior of energy materials; Lithium-ion batteries
Dr GP ZHENG Nanoporous electrode materials; Solid-state refrigeration; Piezoelectric energy conversion
Prof. LM ZHOU Nano materials and technology for energy conversions and storages; Materials for batteries/supercapacitors; Materials for solar cells; Structural composite battery/supercapacitor; Mechanics modeling and failure analysis of battery materials
Supervisor Specialization
Dr Henry KH CHU Contact and Non-contact Manipulation; Vision-based Control and Automation; Microsystem Design and Fabrication; Robotic Microassembly; Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Dr XJ JING Navigation and motion planning; Control & structural design of robots; Mobile robot systems; Construction robots; Exoskeleton; Intelligent systems; Robust control; Nonlinear signal processing; Nonlinear system identification; Nonlinear analysis and design; Nonlinear frequency domain methods
Dr David NAVARRO-ALARCON Multimodal perception; Sensor-based motion; Adaptive robot behaviour
Supervisor Specialization
Prof. L CHENG Acoustics: sound propagation, noise control, passive and active control; Vibration: modelling, control and vibration reduction of structures. Structural wave manipulations; Structural health monitoring: vibration and wave-based damage detection methods; Smart structures with embedding sensor technology; Fluid-structure-sound interaction
Dr YS CHOY Vibroacoustics ; Environmental noise control; Fan and duct noise control; Sound source identification; Soundscape and sound quality of product
Dr XJ JING Nonlinear vibration control / isolation / suppression; Nonlinear vibration energy harvesting; Anti-vibration structures; Sensor design; Quasi-zero or zero stiffness; Nonlinear damping; Nonlinear dynamics
Dr Randolph CK LEUNG Low noise design for fans and turbomachinery; Metamaterial duct flow silencer; Urban and environmental noise simulation and control; CPX technology for tyre/road noise control; Product sound quality and design
Prof. ZQ SU Structural health monitoring (SHM); Wave propagation; Non-destructive evaluation (NDE); Sensor and sensor network; Smart materials and structures
Dr WO WONG Structural analysis; Vibration diagnostics; Vibration absorber design and optimization; Laser diagnostics; Laser interferometry
Dr HM YAO Thermally-induced vibration
Dr J ZHU Acoustic metamaterials; Acoustic metasurface; Physical acoustics; Ultrasound; Transducers
Supervisor Specialization
Prof. TL CHAN Multiphase and multi-component complex systems with micro- and nanoscale; Aerosol science & technology; Transport and formation of nano / microparticles and gaseous pollutants; Combustion & emissions formation; Thermal-fluids science & engineering
Prof. CS CHEUNG Internal combustion engine; Alternative fuels; Combustion and emissions characteristics; Pollution control; Diesel particulate characterization
Prof. Wallace WF LEUNG Filtration of particulates and nano-aerosols by nanofiber filter; Photocatalytic oxidation of harmful gas by nanofiber photocatalyst; Micromixing in micro- and milli-chamber and micro-channels
Dr Y LIU Cell adhesion; Microflow; Molecular signaling; Lung and airway; Molecular dynamics;
Dr H TANG Fluid-structure interaction; Multiphase flow
Prof. CY WEN Active flow control; Urban environment simulation
Dr P ZHANG Theoretical combustion; Theoretical chemical kinetics of combustion reactions; Combustion chemistry of petroleum fuels, biofuels and rocket propellants; Droplets and sprays; Fire dynamics

Admission Information

A student shall hold a Bachelor’s degree with first or second class honours of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University or a recognized university; or other academic qualifications which are deemed to be equivalent.

A student shall normally hold a postgraduate degree containing a significant research component, such as a dissertation, conferred by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University or a recognized university.

MPhil PhD Remarks
Full-time 24 months 36 months* * 48 months for students admitted on the basis of a Bachelor’s degree
Part-time 48 months 72 months** ** 96 months for students admitted on the basis of a Bachelor’s degree

For full-time UGC quota PhD admission, preference will be given to applicants who apply for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, for which the application period starts in early September each year. All research postgraduate applicants are recommended to approach potential supervisors and preferably, put their names on the applications.

Ms Lily Tam

Tel: (852) 2766 6643

Distinguished Scholars

The Department’s reputation for all-round excellence is fortified by the remarkable achievements of its internationally reputed faculty members.

The Department has organised/co-organised a series of symposiums and international conferences to pursue knowledge through interactions among the world’s foremost scientists and scholars.  To further elevate its research quality and academic standing, the Department has also invited top-notch scholars to serve as visiting chair professors under the Distinguished Chair Professor Scheme.

Visiting Scholars
Staff Achievements

Research Facilities

The Department aims to provide advanced teaching and research accommodation for both undergraduates and postgraduates in state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities.

Exchange Opportunities

The Department offers student exchange opportunities to enhance students’ global outlook, languages skills and personal development.  Every year, the Department arranges research attachments (from three to six months) for students to visit overseas universities with financial support.

With the aim of advancing research by exchanging knowledge and ideas within the field of Mechanical Engineering, the Department also provides additional financial support to research students to attend international conferences.

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