The Engineering Doctorate (EngD) is a part-time programme of typically five years duration. Admission to the EngD in Hong Kong is normally preceded by a Post-graduate Award (PgA), during which the candidate not only fulfills the requirement of that award, but is also prepared (through additional development work) for potential transfer to EngD at a later stage. The PgA will typically take a year for completion, and if transfer to EngD is successful, credits for this period of study will be carried, resulting in an EngD registration of typically four years.

The requirements of the EngD are met primarily through project work which may consist of one or more significant projects. These can cover the whole spectrum of manufacturing industry, i.e. from management to technology. It is important however, that the projects have the potential for innovation and are of significance to the business where the projects are conducted.

Commitment to the EngD

All participants are registered part-time on the degree. It is therefore essential in the case of company employees that their day to day work and their EngD project work have similarity. Attendance on modules varies from two to six weeks per annum depending on prior qualifications and experience of the participant. In addition, it is preferable to allow at least one day per month to visit their academic mentor and to attend individual workshops and seminars connected with the EngD.

Entrance Requirements

  • Master’s Degree with significant relevant experience
  • Normally, potential participants are requested to develop a project proposal that has the potential for innovation and is of significance to their business

Assessments for PgA and EngD

The PgA requires the successful completion of three MSc modules, usually within the one year registration period. In addition, successful transfer to the EngD requires satisfactory assessment of a written assignment, specifically related to the proposed topic of EngD research.

The EngD is assessed by means of a portfolio. This is compiled over the period of registration. It includes post-module work, but its main content is based on research work. Substantial submissions need to be made at least once per year. The portfolio and the participant are examined by a small panel of industrialists and academics appointed by the University. Graduates are able to use the title Dr.

Programme Leaflet