Guidelines on Credit Transfer

The ME departmental guidelines are as follows:

  • Granting of credit transfer is mainly based on the subject contents and the learning outcomes attained.
  • The subject contents attained should be at least 75% similar to the PolyU subjects of a similar level, credits and contact hours.
  • The subject grade/mark achieved should be B / 75% or above.

Entry Credit Transfer

Students holding A-Level or IB qualifications may be given credit transfer upon their admission to the 4-year full-time undergraduate degree programmes. Normally, they will be given credit transfer from 12 credits (including 6 credits for the broadening subjects, 3 credits for the Freshman Seminar and 3 credits for University English under the Language & Communication Requirements) to a maximum of 25% of the award requirements, depending on their previous study and grade attainments.

For students admitted based on other qualifications, the number of credit transfer to be granted at admission will be considered on individual merits. Normally, not more than 50% of the credit requirement for award can be transferred from other institutions for a PolyU award.

For students admitted to senior year of our 4-year full-time undergraduate degree programme, they will follow a reduced curriculum of 60 to 75 credits, and further credit transfer will not be possible.

For details, please visit PolyU Academic Registry e-Prospectus > Admission Policies > Credit Transfer and Exemption.

PolyU e-Prospectus

The granting of credit transfer is a matter of academic judgement. Information stated above is for reference and subject to review and changes.