A staff retreat of the Department took place on 30 April 2019 at Hotel ICON. It was particular for programme review and recruitment strategies.

In line with the core value of the Department, programme quality assurance and student development have been our essential concern. In the morning session, the task force, led by the Programme Leader (BEng in Mechanical Engineering) Dr HM Yao, delivered an in-depth review on the programme streams, sharing on the student-centered pedagogies, suggestions on the faculty-based electives. It was followed by the evaluation of teaching and learning by the Associate Head Prof. ZQ Su.

Buffet lunch was still a place for the discussion and sharing; the meal was not just palatable but “productive” and “constructive”.

Another underlined topic in the afternoon was the revamp of the BEng in Product Analysis and Engineering Design (PAED) programme. The Programme Leader Dr Randolph Leung had led a task force of 11 staff members to explore possible routes for the development of PAED before.  The task force bought up observed problems in student learning and made suggestions for programme strengthening. Five possible directions were proposed and prompted a heated discussion.

Other topics including recruitment measures, student exchange opportunities, the research assessment exercise and the key performance indicators were also on the agenda.

The departmental retreat has always been a platform where profound ideas and proposals develop.