The wind tunnel laboratory equips a closed-loop low-speed wind tunnel with a test section of 2.4m (length) × 0.6 m (width) × 0.6 m (height). The maximum wind speed is 50 m/s. It is used for teaching as well as research into turbulent flow and flow control technique. Measurements equipment includes a high-speed laser-sheet visualization system, two particle image velocimetry (PIV) systems, a hot-wire system with a 3-axis traverse, 6-components force measurement systems and a differential pressure system. Measurements can be done separately or synchronously. Two high-voltage generators (>10k Volt) and a Nano-second generator (>20k Volt) are used for active flow control in the wind tunnel.

Overview of the wind tunnel test section.

Experiment for a scaled-down UAV half model.

Visualizations of a flow map in quality and quantity.