The Thermodynamics Laboratory supports laboratory work and research activities in thermodynamics, internal combustion engines, alternative fuels, air pollution monitoring and control areas. It also supports consultancy activities in the measurement and control of engine gaseous and particle emissions, and engine performance. Major facilities to support the current activities include the diesel engine test beds, data acquisition system, ejection type dilution and sampling system, gaseous and particle emissions analyzers, on-road remote sensing vehicle emissions system, thermo-graphic imaging system, X-wire and cold wire anemometry. The Thermodynamics part of our new Thermal Science Laboratory is expected to enhance our strength in teaching fundamental Thermodynamics.

Equipment List

Four-cylinder Engine Test Bed

Four-cylinder Diesel Engine Test System (Ono Sokki)

Single-cylinder diesel engine test bed with controller

Regenerative engine test set

Gas analyzers (NDIR for CO and CO2, HFID for HC, HCLA for NOx)

Tapered Elementary Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM)

Scanning mobility particle sizer with condensation particle counter

Two-stage dilution system


Combustion analyser


Sub-micrometer Aerosol Generator System (SMOG)

Electronic balance

DMM Mass Monitor and ELPI System