The Heat Transfer and Combustion Laboratory support laboratory works and research activities in heat transfer, combustion and the related air pollution monitoring and control. On the combustion side, there are several burner systems developed for the investigation of open and impinging flames. There are sufficient facilities to measure gaseous and particulate pollutants generated from combustion processes including: heated flame ionization detector, heated chemiluminiscence analyzer, non-dispersive infra-red analyzer, remote sensing emissions testing system, scanning mobility particle sizing device and tapered element oscillating microbalance. On the heat transfer side, there are fundamental facilities for heat flux and temperature measurements. A new Thermal Science Laboratory is developed to provide fundamental laboratory works in both Thermodynamics and heat transfer, such that the strength in teaching heat transfer is enhanced.

Schlieren flame visualization system

Heat Flux Measurement Test Rig

Heat Flux Sensor

Amplifier for heat flux sensor

Gas analyzers (NDIR for CO and CO2, HFID for HC, HCLA for NOx)

Digital Flowmeter (Alicat)

Recirculating Cooler

Flue Gas Analyzer (Anapol)

Exhaust Gas Analyzer (EMS)

Infrared Meter

Force Tensiometer (KRUSS)

Rheometer (RST)