The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory supports teaching and research for fluid mechanics. Basic experimental rigs equipped for undergraduate and MSc teaching include a wind tunnel with AR & smoke-wire flow visualization and a force balance, a shock tube with Schlieren photography, a gas turbine test bench, a flow measurement test rig, a boundary layer measurement and a cyclone rig etc. The wind tunnel with AR & smoke-wire flow visualization system and a load cell is available mainly for students to investigate the flow structure around different objects by the augmented reality method and the smoke-wire visualization technique, and to measure the aerodynamic performance by the load cell. The shock tube with Schlieren photography is composed of a home-made shock tube with the test section cross area 8 mm×8 mm 250 mm, a diameter sealing tube-type Schlieren system, a Photron SA-Z high-speed camera and two 150 W LED light sources. This Schlieren system is capable of visualizing various shock wave propagation patterns. The laboratory is also equipped with a turbulent boundary layer rig, a pipe flow rig, a turbulent jet testing rig, a compressible flow testing rig and a cyclone rig. A large number of accessory instruments such as hot-wire anemometers, spectrum analyzers, and computer data acquisition facilities are also included. A Ludwieg tube, which generates a wide range of freestream speed, will be built in 2017. Three supersonic nozzles are designed to produce test Mach numbers of 1.5, 2.5, and 4.0, and the estimated maximum test time available can be up to 50 ms.