The laboratory is equipped with multi-mode Scanning Probe Microscopy, high-resolution optical microscopy and image analysis system, and surface thickness/roughness tester for atomic to microscale surface analysis; nano-indentation and micro-hardness, nano/micro-scratch and wear, micro-mechanical testers (tension, compression and fatigue in a loading range of mN to 450N), falling weight impact and Taber Abrasion Testers for mechanical test. Corrosion facilities include electrochemical systems with maximum resolutions of 0.01 fA and 1 mV, and frequency range of 10 mHz to 100 kHz. Thermogravimetric Analysis system with a maximum temperature of 2400 degree C under various gaseous and/or humid environments, plus simultaneous measurements of Differential Scanning Calorimetry or Differential Thermal Analysis. Electro-deposition system with DC and pulse deposition modes (±4V), and rotating disk electrodes. Dynamic mechanical analyzer (TA DMA Q800) with working temperature from 120K to 673K. Electric-thermal analysis system including TA, DSC and high-voltage power supply (±5kV). High vacuum thermal evaporation chamber (10-7torr) with 4 sources for growing organic thin films and electrodes.