The Aeronautical Laboratory is dedicated to (1) teaching related demonstration and training of up-to-date aeronautic technologies; and (2) the R&D of application-oriented advanced theory/methods and innovative technologies which can solve critical and challenging engineering issues in the general aeronautic field including advanced control, system dynamics modelling or identification, nonlinear structural dynamics and analysis, nonlinear vibration control, robotic technologies, energy harvesting and health monitoring etc. The lab is consistently outputting high-quality R&D results in top-tier SCI journals, securing research grants from various sources, and establishing a strong tier with the industry including various R&D companies in Hong Kong and mainland of China, China aerospace engineering, and international R&D companies etc. The lab is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and testing models such as a satellite model for complex structural dynamics modelling and health monitoring, flight simulators for teaching and training, vibration shaker and testing platform, various vibration isolation models, a track based robot with novel limb-like suspension, a series of aero-plane related components plus an engine and UAVs for teaching purposes.

A vibration shaker

A satellite model

A manned capsule model

A track based robot with novel suspension