The Acoustics Laboratory has one of the largest anechoic chambers in South East Asia. The chamber has a cut-off frequency of 80Hz, which compares well with 100Hz is higher in most educational institutions in the world. The laboratory is comprehensively equipped with the most up-to-date instrument such as near field holography systems, intensity probe, different type and size of microphones, the-state-of-art sound level meters, multi-channel FFT analyzers, analyzer with psychoacoustic system, dummy head, impedance tube, multi-channel data acquisition and processing systems. Another special feature of the laboratory is its provision of quiet flow for flow noise studies. The acoustic laboratory can support laboratory work and research activities in the sound and vibrations technology development in mechanical, aeronautical, civil and building services engineering. This also provides a quiet space for conducting experiment of environmental noise control method, noise annoyance and psychoacoustics.

Anechoic Chamber

Near-field Holography System

Product noise measurement

Experimental investigation of scale-down model of barrier