It is the policy of the University to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all its staff at work, of students in the course of study and of the general public using University premises. The measures taken as part of this commitment are designed to achieve high health and safety standards over and above compliance with relevant statutory requirements.

General Safety Rules for ME Laboratories

  1. Please keep working area clean and tidy
  2. Please wear safety goggles, ear protectors or gloves, if necessary
  3. Please make sure that you are familiar with the fire escape route
  4. Please ask lab technical staff’s permission before using lab equipment or machine, if you are not an authorized user
  5. Please use BS standard plugs and sockets as connecting to the main single phase AC power supplies
  6. Please check wiring connections before switching on the power
  7. Please turn off heater or soldering iron after use
  8. Please follow equipment or machine operating instructions
  9. If your hair is long, please tie up it
  10. In case of emergency, please evacuate as soon as possible
  11. Compressed gas cylinders must be kept away from heat source
  12. Electric extension boards must be kept away from water source
  13. Do not eat or drink
  14. Do not work alone at laboratory at any time
  15. Do not stay in non-opening hours unless you are authorized to do so
  16. Do not wear sandals or slippers
  17. Do not obstruct passageways
  18. Do not overload the AC power
  19. Do not use electric adaptor

Safety Rules for Specific Laboratories

Laser Laboratory

  1. Must complete the HSEO online safety training and pass the test
  2. Must wear assigned laser safety goggles
  3. Do not wear any shiny items such as watches, rings, bracelets etc.
  4. Do not leave the laser switched on unattended

Radiation Laboratory (closed beam X-ray machine)

  1. Must complete the HSEO online safety training and pass the test

Chemical Laboratory

  1. Must complete the HSEO online safety training and pass the test
  2. Must wear powder-free Nitrile gloves
  3. Must use Parafilm to cover beaker or other glassware for temporarily storage chemical solutions
  4. Must use fume cupboard for preparing chemical solutions and heat treatment
  5. Must wear Nitrile gloves to clean up the working bench after use
  6. Must be familiar with the location of washing system outside chemical laboratory
  7. Do not wear cotton or cloth gloves

Mechanical Workshop

  1. Must wear safety shoes for machining or sample preparation
  2. Must tie up and cover long hair, if you have
  3. Must wear safety goggles or face shield for machining
  4. Must be familiar with the location of emergency stop button to turn off all electrical power for emergency
  5. Do not wear loose hanging garment

Our Department has assigned Fire Wardens to help us evacuate from hazardous areas.

Name of Fire Warden Tel No.
K O Yuen 2766 6639
Benny CK Leung 2766 4523
Chris KS Tsang 2766 6678
Stephen CH Ng 2766 4733
Curtis Ng 2766 6652
Yan Wong 2766 7992
Raymond HT Chan 2766 4732
Sky KW Tse 2766 6672
KK Tang 3400 2566

Everybody is suggested to learn about some tips for fire safety and prevention as well as actions during a fire hazard.