Adjunct Professor
Vice President and Chief Engineering, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Co., Ltd.

Area of Specialization

Track dynamics; Track detection technology; Track management and high-speed railway infrastructure engineering research; Ballastless track technology research

Short Description

Dr Zhao Guotang is a well-known expert in the domestic railway project, the first and second level candidate of the National “Ten Million Talents Project”, leader of China Railway Institute academic. Dr Zhao is included in the expert library of The Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Dr Zhao mainly engaged in track dynamics, track detection technology, track management and high-speed railway infrastructure engineering research, ballastless track technology research at home and abroad. Dr Zhao is currently Deputy General Manager of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail and Chief Engineer (head office), Deputy Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Railways, researcher and Part-time Professor of Southwest Jiaotong University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Southeast University and Central South University, and PhD supervisor for Railway Engineering, Applied Mechanics , and Project management.

Dr Zhao has won The State Science and Technology Prizes. He led and participated in more than 30 scientific research projects, published over 60 papers, e.g. monograph “high-speed railway ballastless track structure” and “numerical methods and artificial intelligence in geotechnical engineering applications”. He has also successfully acquired one patent for his project.