Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Engineering; Professor, jointly appointed by Interdisciplinary Division of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering, and Department of Mechanical Engineering; Editor-in-Chief, Composites Communications
BEng; MEng(Harbin); PhD(Syd)
: FG610
: 2766-6663
: 2365-4703

Area of Specialization

Advanced composite materials, Nanomaterials and nanotechnology for energy conversions and storages; Smart materials and structures; Structure health monitoring technology

Short Description

Prof. Limin Zhou received his BEng and MEng from Harbin Institute of Shipbuilding Engineering (current name: Harbin Engineering University) in 1982 and 1988 respectively, and his PhD from The University of Sydney in 1994. He was appointed as an Assistant Professor in 1996 and became a Professor in 2005 in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prof. Zhou’s major research interests include advanced composite materials and structures, smart materials and structures; nanomaterials and nanotechnology for energy storages and conversions, and structural health monitoring techniques. He has published more than 350 technical articles including over 250 SCI refereed journal papers. After assuming the current appointment with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he received an Engineering Faculty Best Research Award in 1999 and the President’s Award for Outstanding Achievements in Research in 2000. Prof. Zhou currently serves an Associate Dean (Research) of Faculty of Engineering, an Editor-in-Chief of Composites Communications and a Vice President of Chinese Society for Composite Materials.

Selected Research Projects

  1. Airworthiness Compliance Analysis and Verification Study on Structural Health Monitoring System (PI, COMAC, 2019)
  2. Size- and temperature-dependent phase transition in NASICON-type material on Li+- and Na+‐(de)intercalation (PI, GRF, 2018)
  3. Sustainable Marine Infrastructure Enabled by the Innovative Use of Seawater Sea-Sand Concrete and Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites (Co-PI,  RGC Theme-based Research Scheme, 2018)
  4. Nanocomposite Coating Materials for Lightning Protection of Aircrafts (PI, HKPhDF, 2017)
  5. Development of Nanocomposite Materials for Energy Storages (PI, HKScholar, 2016)
  6. Graphene Strengthened Silicon Nanocomposite Anodes for Lithium Ion Batteries (PI, HKPolyU, 2016)
  7. Development of Hybrid Supercapacitors Using Nanofiber Electrodes (PI, GRF, 2013)

Research Highlight

Functional Composites

Embedding nanomaterial sensors inside composite structures

The smart prepregs are developed with 3D-printed nanomaterial sensors and 3D-indented carbon fiber or CNTs based cable networks. The pattern of sensing system, optimal printing parameters and resin curing conditions are extensively investigated in this project. Upon curing, the carbon fiber or CNTs based cables can act as further reinforcement to the host composite panels. Such smart composites can be applied to provide both structural and monitoring functions.

Smart prepregs with 3D-printed nanomaterial sensors and cable networks

Functional carbon Fibre Composites for Lightning Strike Protection

The enhancement of functional properties in carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites is a requirement for lightning strike protection (LSP) applications in aircraft structures to solve the parasitic electrical and thermal management issues. Composites are fabricated with the outermost ply modification by growing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on carbon fiber fabric and incorporating graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) into epoxy matrix. The forming conductive network between CNTs and GNPs has substantially enhanced functional conductivities in both fiber and through-thickness direction and also improved mechanical properties. The lightening damage of composites is simulated based on a coupled thermal-electrical analysis to predict damage in CFRP composites with/without LSP layer. The modified carbon fiber composites provide an alternative potential functional CFPR composites with adequate capability to withstand lightning strikes.

CFRP composites with LSP layer

Rechargeable Batteries

Structural battery based on carbon fibre composites

Composite structural battery consists of carbon fibres as electrodes and matrix as electrolyte to store energy and at same time fulfill a structural role in various applications. Co-polymers with applicable ionic conductivity and mechanical properties are developed by the research team for being used as matrix materials playing role of solid electrolyte. Carbon clothes are used as cathode and anode materials with different treatments on fibre surfaces. To achieve a good capacity, active materials are being incorporated into porous structures of carbon fibres. Mechanical behaviors of interfaces between fibres and solid electrolyte are being studied under both electrochemical and mechanical loadings. Meanwhile, numerical simulation for full cell composite structural battery will also be integrated to validate the experimental results.

Structural battery using carbon fibres as electrodes and matrix as electrolyte.

Silicon based nanocomposite anode for Li-ion batteries (LIBs)
Traditional anode, graphite, reaches its limit for its low energy density in LIB application. Silicon, which is claimed as the most promising anode material, possesses high specific capacity (4200 mAh g−1) but suffers from fracture and pulverization due to its large volume change (~400%) during cycling, leading to poor cycle performance. Our main research interest is the fabrication of novel silicon based nanocomposites anodes. In order to achieve high capacity and long shelf life, the lithiation and delithiation processes of silicon nanoparticles/nanosheets are studied. Simulations on fracture mechanism of yolk-shell carbon-coated silicon nanoparticles are conducted with mechanics-based theoretical modelling. The optimal design guideline is proposed and verified to ensure structural integrity and maximize capacity for the nanoparticle anode.

Yolk-shell carbon-coated silicon nanoparticles

Dual-phase TiO2 nanowires for Na storage
The development of superb anode materials has long been a big challenge in sodium-ion battery (SIB) research. TiO2 is a promising candidate, but it faces critical issues of low initial coulombic efficiency and rapid capacity decay. To address the problem, dual-phase TiO2 nanowires consisting of anatase phase and TiO2-B phase are fabricated using a facile hydrothermal and heat treatment method. The SIB anode exhibits ultrahigh reversible capacities, long and stable cyclabilities. The two-phase interface can offer additional venues for Na ion storage and improve the Na ion diffusion.

Dual-phase TiO2 nanowires and the battery performance as SIB anode.

Ether electrolyte enables better Na storage
Electrolyte is an important component influencing the performance of the rechargeable SIBs. It is elucidated that using an ether-based electrolyte instead of a conventional ester-based electrolyte can significantly improve the SIBs performance because of the enhanced sodium ion transport at the electrode/electrolyte interface. Insights into the structural evolution and sodiation dynamics obtained by in operando Raman, XRD and electrochemical kinetic studies reveal that the charge transfer characteristics of the electrolyte/electrode interface play a vital role in determining the performance, which is also confirmed for Sn, rGO and CMK-3 anodes.

Cyclic performance of TiO2 SIB anode using different electrolytes,
and comparison with cyclic performance reported in the literature.

Selected Recent Publications

Nanomaterials for energy applications

  1. KK Li, J Zhang, DM Lin, DW Wang, BH Li, W Lv, S Sun, YB He, FY Kang, QH Yang, LM Zhou and TY Zhang, Evolution of the electrochemical interface in sodium ion batteries with ether electrolytes, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, DOI:10.1038/s41467-019-08506-5, 2019
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Composites and Structures

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