A team of Mechanical Engineering (ME) students won the 2nd Runner-up in the 2019 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Student Design Competition, E-Fest Asia Pacific Region, held at Velore, India. The winning team, along with winners from different regions, now advance and will compete for the Championship at the E-Fest Global.

The team, comprised of year three final-year undergraduate students, Ji-ho SHIN, Hung Ming Roy CHOW and Rudra SOMESHWAR, under the supervision of Dr Henry CHU and Ir Dr Curtis NG of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, designed a wheeled mobile robot, which can pick up as many balls as possible in the field.

With great support from the department and Industrial Centre (IC), the robot design is capable of grasping balls, ranging from ping pong ball to basketball, in the field rapidly without knocking the balls off the tube stands. Students feel excited with their achievement and they are looking forward to improving their robot design for the final competition.