Team of BEng in Mechanical Engineering (ME) students won the 1st Runner-up in The 2018 American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Student Design Competition (SDC) held on 11 November 2018, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The ASME SDC  Finals, sponsored by Boeing every year,  is a well-known international student design competition of its kind. “Robot Football: Goooaaaalll!!!!!!” is the theme for this year. Of the 16 teams, they are the top tiers from 4 Districts ASME SDC representing 6 different countries. Teams competed each other in a modified, four-way football games. 4 Asian teams, 3 South America and 9 North America kicked each other out for the Championship Title.

Our team, comprised of year four undergraduate students, Stanley GO, LAM Kah Cheng and CHEUNG Lap Wing, under the supervision of Ir Dr Curtis Ng of ME, designed and created a 3 battery-powered robots with strategic mind which could effectively shoot balls right to the competitors’ gates and strongly defense its own gate, this ended up in scoring high marks to win the competition.

“Our students were wholly dedicated to this challenge. They were highly self-motivated to work on the prototypes and well prepared for the competition. With great support from Prof. SQ Shi (Head of Department of ME, PolyU), ME technical team, International Affair Office (IAO), Industrial Centre (IC) and ASME-HK Section, our robots could manage to compete with other strong competitors in Final 16, then Final 8, through Final 4 and made its way to 1st Runner-up.  Students feel excited with their achievement and we are highly proud of them.” Ir Dr Curtis Ng said.

The competition, including finalists from regional events held during the course of 2018, was held in conjunction with the ASME’s 2018 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.