Ir. Prof. Wallace Leung was awarded the 1st Runner Up of 2019 Environmental Paper Award. His paper “Clean Air with Novel Nanofiber Technologies” was acclaimed by the Chairman of the competition, Prof. Kaimin Shih of the University of Hong Kong, the paper submitted by Prof. Leung was of high quality, accumulating a wealth of research results and knowledge over time on improving air quality with various developed technologies.

A panel of eight judges from academia, government, consulting and industry was formed to assess the submissions in 2019.  Selection criteria are based on innovation, environmental performance, contribution to sustainable development, comprehensiveness and coverage, logical arguments, presentation, and clarity.  Prof. Leung’s paper was summarized in a 15-page anonymous submission, which was highly rated by the judges.

The Environmental Paper Award is a biennial paper competition organized by the Environmental Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). The primary objective of the Award is to recognize engineers’ efforts in any environmental research and projects in which environmental pollution control and sustainable development are fully considered and adequately addressed. This Award is intended to encourage the widespread emergence of environmentally sound projects.