IAAM Medal is a prestigious international award recognized by the International Association of Advanced Materials, Sweden, for notable and professional achievements, which fostered and enriched the development of Materials Science and Technology filed through outstanding research in Physical, Chemical, Biological, Engineering, Medical, Mathematical, Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean and Planetary Sciences. The medal is awarded based on contributions made through work done during the ten years preceding from the year of award. The selections for the IAAM awards are done by a duly constituted awards committee and the awards are given to the awardees at the assembly of Advanced Materials Congress.

Prof. Wallace Woon Fong Leung, Chair Professor of Innovative Products and Technologies, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PolyU, is the IAAM medal recipient in 2019. Prof. Leung has been honoured with the prestigious IAAM Medal for his notable and outstanding research contribution in the field of Graphene and 2D Materials in Energy and Environmental Applications in the 26thaward ceremony of International Association of Advanced Materials held on 11th June 2019 at Conference Centre, M/S Mariella, Stockholm, Sweden. As the awardee/ laureate, Prof. Leung was invited to deliver an award lecture at the June 10-13th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress.