The American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Hong Kong Section (ASME–HK) and Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU–ME) jointly organize the International Symposium on Advanced Boiler Technology and Workshop (ISABTW). ASME has been the leader in setting standards for boiler design and operation which are revolving around power industry, thanks to its robust system. The three-day event comprises of two major activities, namely the Advanced Boiler Technology Workshop during June 21–22, 2017 and the International Symposium on Advanced Boiler Technology on June 23, 2017.

The science and technology of boiler technology has been a cornerstone of energy generation for the last 150 years, and it is still relevant in a foreseeable future. With the recent strive in emission control and reduction in carbon production, the need to achieve better performance while minimizing losses has grown ever more important. This is a hard-pressing matter for the Asia Pacific region, where most countries in the region saw immense economic growth over the past 30 years. Emergent economies also mean growing energy demands, while energy operators are working hard to balance between tightening emission standards and controlling operating costs.

Therefore, there is a great need for energy operators around the world to master the latest development in advanced boiler technologies for developing plausible engineering solutions to improve their existing boilers to conform to new emission standards. For operators looking for new assets, they want to know all plausible engineering solutions, and all the tangible benefits of such solutions.

The ISABTW is aimed at attracting engineers and professionals from boiler and energy disciplines to join this event in Hong Kong and our ultimately goal is to provide a platform for advance boiler technology knowledge sharing as well as the experience sharing on best practices on asset management and operation control. In this innovative series of activates, different focuses on state-of-the-art boiler technologies and related topics including (i) hyper-supercritical (HSC) boiler plant design, (ii) damage tolerant design, (iii) experience sharing in asset management, (iv) design analysis of real-world examples, (v) future design challenges, and (vi) worked examples of boiler designs. PolyU-ME’s contact for ISABTW – Dr Randolph C. K. LEUNG.

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