GUO Zhenbin, PhD student of the Department, got the Excellent Oral Award in the 2nd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Green Energy (CEEGE 2019) in Roma, Italy from June 28-30, 2019.

This conference was a premier forum for electrical engineering and green energy researchers and professionals getting together to help our globe to be sustainable, green-living, more human through their insights and innovations. The forum focused on providing an opportunity to technologists, scientists, industrialists, environmentalists and experts to showcase their novel energy efficient technologies.  The goal of the conference was to address energy and environment related challenges, especially those facing the developing world by providing networking opportunities for global collaborations for developing suitable solutions for diverse applications and user groups.

Outstanding world leaders as faculty presented their research on modern technologies, providing solutions for sustainable development.  Participants were from across the globe, including the oil producing countries Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the vital oil-consuming developed and developing countries.  GUO Zhenbin presented a paper “Improving Electrochemical Performance of Si-based Electrode via Gradient Si Concentration”, stood out amongst the participants. His presentation was selected as the best one at the conference.

Zhenbin joined the Department in July 2016 as a PhD student in PolyU, under the supervision of Dr Yao Haimin.  His research interest includes the performance optimization of lithium-ion batteries.  Currently, he is a Research Assistant of the department, developing high-performance lithium-ion batteries with functional gradient designs.