The PolyU Department of Mechanical Engineering Alumni Mentorship Dinner 2017/2018 was successfully held on 7 Feb 2018.  Over 100 alumni, honorable guests and academics, together with about 150 students from the graduating classes of BEng(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering, BEng(Hons) in Product Analysis and Engineering Design, and Double Degree Programme in Business Administration and Engineering showed up in that evening making the dinner a memorable and meaningful one.

The Alumni Mentorship dinner is a tradition of ME to enhance the bonding between alumni with members of the Department and more importantly, to provide a platform for our final year students to learn practical experiences and professional advice from alumni mentors.

In the welcoming remark, Prof. SQ Shi, Head of Department, expressed deep gratitude to all the alumni and industrial friends for their support over the years.  Especially in the mentorship programme, their willingness to share, to listen and to provide guidance to our students was definitely invaluable.

Followed by our guest speech, Dr Yau Wing Kwong, President of the Mechanical and Marine Engineering Alumni Association, showed full support to the Department and students.

The dinner was not just a dinner, through which we connected among academics, students, alumni and industrialists, through which our bonding was fortified.

Time flew, the MC concluded the dinner by thanking all for their attendance.  Nonetheless, guests showed no sign of leaving but couldn’t stop sharing.  All people were very satisfied with the feast and found it a fruitful one.

Check out more photos of the event HERE.